Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cyber-attacks are real. Every day thousands of intrusions are attempted. Thanks to modern operating systems almost all are thwarted. However if you are still using old or obsolete OS such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 those systems do not have adequate protection from viruses, trojans, or malware.

The first investment is to upgrade to Windows 10 which has frequent updates for new viruses, trojans and/or malware. Chrome also has regular updates as needed which load everytime you start Chrome.

The video above outlines the progress of the attack this past week which brought down many systems in hospitals and other businesses.

 Remember no matter how well you think you are protected, hackers will find ways to usurp   your system.

The latest in "ransomware".  The hacker will install an encrypted hack. When the user attempts to log in they will receive a message such as this one.

"Your system has been locked and encrypted. It can be restored by sending a payment of XXX via bitcoin.  Click here to begin."

Many users will capitulate and pay the ransom. In business time is money and the amount of time lost can be damaging to reputation and income


Do not DOWNLOAD OR OPEN email attachments from unknown sources
Use current operating systems.
Avoid suspicious emails or websites.  Modern browsers will search for certificates and other indications that the web site is suspicious or has been reported to be carrying malware or trojans.


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